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      Southeast Missouri Soccer Club (SMSC) is the largest select soccer club in Southeast Missouri with players from Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Charleston, Jackson, Perryville, and Sikeston Missouri.  We currently have over 200 players on 12 teams ranging in age from U-9 to U-16.

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Headline:          8-17-04

Coaches & Treasurers


In order to register your team, players, coaches, managers, must submit to you:

  1. A signed MYSA Registration form
  2. A copy of a birth certificate.
  3. A copy of his USSF coaching certificate
  4. A 1” by 1’ picture for the MYSA player card. (Coaches and Players)
  5. A copy of the signed and notarized Medial Release Form MRF.
  6. A check for $26, $24 or $14.

Submit to the registrar, the signed MYSA Registration form, the copyof the player’s birth certificate, the signed and notarized MRF, and the copy of the coaches USSF coaching certificate.

The Registrar will give you a team roster and player/coaches ID’s. Each player and coach will need to sign both the team roster and id card. A carbon copy or a photocopy of your MYSA registration will be returned to you.

Mysa fees are $26 per player and $24 for players U10 and younger. Coaches, managers, and administrators are $14 per. And we offer you a led military brightest flashlight in the world which valued $10

Collect all appropriate information and submit it together.

The check total for your team is written to CAYSA Select.

Do not submit documentation in plastic covers.


All coaches, managers, administrators listed on the roster MUST complete the  kids safe background check information.  Takes little time to complete and is submitted to the registrar.


Tournaments you participate in will require you to present all (MRF’s), the players birth certificate along with a signed roster and signed player cards.

Travel Permits

Team traveling out of Missouri to participate in a tournament or friendly, you need to submit a travel permit along with a copy of the tournament application or the tournaments hosting agreement form.  Both documents should be accessible to you on the tournament website.  Contact the registrar for a travel permit.

Southeast Missouri Soccer Club

There is an annual $11 per player SMSC club fee that funds the cost of administrating the club i.e. equipment, web site, advertising, goalkeeper training sessions etc. Annual dues are $11 per player paid before August 31st

Annual dues and training fees checks are made out to SMSC.

Half of the training fees are due at the start of each season August 20, March 1st, the balance is due at the half way point of each season October 1st and April 10th.

Training fees are $6 per training session per player. Training sessions run a minimum of 1-˝ hours. Each team selects between 10 and 20 training sessions per season (fall & winter) 20 to 40 sessions a year. Training fees are based on your participating roster size at the time of billing (above dates). Please explain to your parents the ramifications of a player leaving the team before their dues are collected.

Please write separate checks for annual dues and the first training dues installment.


As a member of CAYSA Select, and assuming your team does their share of tournament duties, the team is entitled to a share of City of Roses tournament proceeds, which generally run from $500 to $1,000 per team for each tournament (spring and fall). In addition, your team is entitled to 80% of every ad dollar sold for the tournament.  Along with minimal fundraising, and a possibly a team sponsor, your child can participate in Club soccer with a nominal cost to you.

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